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Lucky Fish has the advantages of having all farms and facilities in a very close distance and hands on in whole integrated production and processing plant. Rapid and efficient production is the key for our products’ quality. Lucky Fish has full traceability on all product range.

Lucky Fish’s processing plant, equipped with computerized controlled automated machine lines, and farms comply with the highest quality and service standards BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS(International Food Standard), GLOBAL GAP, FOS (Friend of the Sea) & HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and 4-star BAP.

Lucky Fish Co. had also became one of the first to obtain ASC certificate and had been certified by the new Aquaculture Stewardship Council(ASC) standart for Sea Bass and Sea Bream.

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Animal Welfare:

In order to achieve good welfare conditions in its fish farms, Luck Fish produces feed that is optimal in nutrient content, quantity and physical appearance of fishes. The environmental conditions regarding farm design, water quality and stocking density are strictly controlled. Good management procedures are implemented in order to prevent injuries, diseases (vaccination) and detect and report disease. Humane killing of fish is implemented.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly:

Lucky Fish applies best practices to ensure environmental sustainability by effective water quality control; efficient fishmeal and fish oil use; responsible sourcing of juvenile fish; control of escapes and minimizing biodiversity and wildlife impact.

Ethical Standards

Lucky Fish strictly follows and implements community practices, regulatory compliance and effective enforcement; community involvement; worker safety, fair labor practices and equitable compensation.

Fish escapees and Undefined difference in quantities

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Fish escapees and Undefined difference in quantities

Fish escapees, undefined difference amounts in our facilities for 2022 are as follows; Total of 111.861 fishes for Enver Kaba Fin Fish Aquaculture Project,  total of 23.065 fishes from Gökçe Off Shore Project,  total of 76.544 fishes from Gökçe Su Ürünleri Fin Fish Aquaculture Project and these losses are due to the gross number of fingerling procurement activity, and due to the acceptable counting faults of the vaccination staff and the grading machine. All of the equipment in our facilities are designed according to international standards and will only allow minimum quantities of loss and escapees. All of our facilities are continuously monitored under the control of aquaculture engineers, veterinarians, divers and farm personnel who are specialized in aquaculture activities. Furthermore, the movements of the fish that we are growing in our facilities and the facility equipment are recorded by monitoring upper water and underwater by camera system 24/7. For this purpose, the counting differences determined in fish transplantation, vaccination, grading and harvesting applications are defined above and reported to be acceptable after necessary checks. GOKCE SU URUNLERI Tur San. Tic. A.S will be regularly sharing with the public the amount of loss-leak and undefined differences according to the requirements of legal regulations and international standards (ASC and BAP) applied in our facilities.