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Lucky Fish (Ugurlu Balik) is a company with fisherman heritage, set sail to its Aquaculture production of Mediterranean species journey at Muğla Kazıklı bay located near Didim Turkey. Lucky fish was first established by Kopuzmar family in 1986. In years, Lucky Fish added juveniles production, fish feed production, additional caging capacities and processing plant to its activities with a vision to become a vertically integrated supply partner by offering stable pricing policy & product traceability advantages.

In 2013, Private equity firm Mediterra Capital acquired a 100 percent stake of Lucky Fish.


Bilgi Toplumu Hizmetleri 

GÖKÇE SU ÜRÜNLERİ A.Ş.  https://www.belgemodul.com/sirket/2680
KOPUZMAR SU ÜRÜNLERİ SANAYİ A.Ş   https://www.belgemodul.com/sirket/2362 
UĞURLU BALIK A.Ş. https://www.belgemodul.com/sirket/2260


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Today, Lucky Fish is a group of companies with the head office in Izmir city, facilities in Aydin and Mugla cities, fish cages at 2 different locations of Aegean Sea and processing plant and fish feed production in Aydin city, Turkey with total capacity of 78 million juveniles, 7200 tonnes of fish farming and 25.000 tonnes of feed mill and plans to keep investing in further growth.